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Rat Trap by Feed Me

Rat Trap by Feed Me -2

Feed Me is one of those diverse producers who can just about release anything and it’ll be welcomed by the masses with open arms, and this particular release, my arms we not open for a hug, more so hanging down to the floor out of pleasant shock.

This next release is warming us up further for his album Calamari Tuesday which is expected to drop mid-October time along with his recent chart success including the outstanding Love Is All I Got alongside Crystal Fightersthis is however, a link to the delectable remix by Larse.

Rat Trap by Feed Me

This track is deep, dark and just absolutely amazing. It is one of those tracks that excels anything out at the minute in my opinion. It’s gangster, it is warm in places and full of anger in others but the core bassline that drives that track forward is immense! With a name like Rat Trap, you may have guessed right about the style. But this is far weightier than anything I’ve heard from the rising genre. This is trap the way that I think it should be.

Once again, another outstanding composition from the British lad. If you pre-order the album now, you get this track immediately.

Rat Trap by Feed Me is available now

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UK & Europe: bit.ly/17UZyYf
Rest Of The World: http://bit.ly/18bft0k

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Rat Trap by Feed Me


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Rat Trap by Feed Me
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