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Fear Factory EP by Access Denied Access DeniedFear Factory EP

  1. Fear Factory
  2. Through The Looking Glass

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Date : April 19, 2013


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Fear Factory EP by Access Denied

Many things can be said about the incredible, multi-talented Andrey Kulik, but one thing definitely does not fit the profile. This Russian studio shaman is surely not lazy! Working on various prolific projects simultaneously, this man always has something to say. His latest musical outburst Fear Factory once again showcases all his enormous production abilities. Dazzling piano passages with classical virtuosity mash with modern Dubstep madness, giving his two just out of the oven tracks Fear Factory and Through The Looking Glass a truly unique sound and esthetic value. All this and a whole lot more makes Access Denied a one of a kind club sensation.

The main title track ‘Fear Factory’ begins in a very Rocky fashion with that signature booming rattle we call a bassline teetering through the gravelly mids to drop down into a feast of dirt, filth and electronic mayhem. Being dished out at a conservative 115bpm, it brings in a swaggering dubby stomp rather than an assaulting foot pounding groove. The second tune ‘Through Looking The Glass’ is a little more similar to the Christian Rave of AD’s other project You Killing Me except the pleasant euphoric vibe which this track begins with soon disappears behind the Dirty Dutch style, high-pitched screeches which then in turn, swing round and meld into the beat. The tune comes across as a virile yet romantic electro smasher with anger issues.

Fear Factory EP by Access Denied from Freakz Me Out Records is out on 19th April 2013


Fear Factory EP by Access Denied
Fear Factory EP by Access Denied



Fear Factory EP by Access Denied


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Fear Factory EP by Access Denied