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Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire Tantrum DesireGuided Rhythym

  1. Guided Rhythym
  2. Guided Rhythm (Dubstep Mix)

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Date : January 20, 2013


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Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire

It’s not just the drum and bass die-hards who are getting into the Tantrum Desire sound. Their last release, ‘What Is Your Desire’ featuring the monumental vocals of I-Kay, thrust this production duo further into the spotlight with airplay across Radio 1, 1Xtra and Kiss 109. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of views for the video and strong support from DJs in parties worldwide which, for artists of this calibre, you can take for granted.

So, sounds like they’d be satisfied with hitting those levels. Nope. They’re back to push things a few notches further. ‘Guided Rhythm’ is a demonstration of Tantrum Desire’s ability to keep their style evolving and twist up their sounds for any vibe. Whether you spin DnB or dubstep, these are going to find their way into discerning DJs sets across raves and airwaves wherever bass is appreciated.

Technique Recordings

And I for one believe that this is a stunning release. Especially with having the variation in tempo for each version. Brilliant work and most definitely a #DeadGoodTune.

Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire is released by Technique Recordings on Jan 20th, 2013

Tantrum Desire:

Technique Recordings:

Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire


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Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire