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This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2 – Deeper Disco 5eya, Alloapm, Bobby Tank, Capo Blanco, Data/Debt, Douze, Du Tonc, Fire Flowerz, Gremly, Holmes Price, L'Etranger, LAY BAC, Popular Computer, Professor Crabb, Satin Jackets, She Said Disco, Tobtok, VanillaThis Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2 - Deeper Disco

  1. Satin Jackets feat. Natalie Conway - My Original (Monsoon Season Remix)
  2. 5eya - Cuttings
  3. Du Tonc - Darkness
  4. LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight
  5. Bobby Tank - Sexy Thang
  6. Professor Crabb - The Sea Rocks You Eternally
  7. She Said Disco - Chicville
  8. Tobtok - Pegasus
  9. Popular Computer - Pop Art (Carlos Pizzetti Edit)
  10. Fire Flowerz - A.W.N.Love
  11. Data/Debt - BombayStar
  12. L'Etranger - Slowly (feat. Dubwiser)
  13. Douze - Down On Me
  14. Gremly - Who'd You Like To Be (Montauk Remix)
  15. Alloapm - Midnight Cake
  16. Capo Blanco - Skyline Flowers
  17. Vanilla - Passenger

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Date : April 8, 2013


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Heavy Disco’s second installment in their ‘This Is’ series. A deeper, slower, more introspective collection of fuzzy disco, chopped and screwed RnB, tropical, hip hop, chillwave and more.

Tracks from Satin Jackets, 5eya, Du Tonc, LAY BAC, Bobby Tank, Professor Crabb, She Said Disco, Tobtok, Popular Computer, Holmes Price, Fire Flowerz, Data/Debt, L’Etranger, Douze, Gremly, Alloapm, Capo Blanco and Vanilla.

As far as I am concerned, the new generation of dance music lovers need to have this introduced into their lives because they are missing out on so many great tunes that are only supported by the likes of Annie Mac and hardly by anyone else in a prolific position to bring Disco beats out to the masses. A beautiful album displaying great groove, soul and a love for wondrous house music. Very difficult to pick a favourite as I feel today it is one and tomorrow it’ll be another. An awesome ensemble.

This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2 – Deeper Disco is released by Heavy Disco Records on April 8th 2013 exclusively on Beatport, out everywhere else on April 22nd 2013


This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2   Deeper Disco



This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2   Deeper Disco


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This Is Heavy Disco Vol. 2   Deeper Disco