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Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT RuN RiOTKill Them EP

  1. Upon Your Enemy feat Doll
  2. Kill Them feat Benji Skindred
  3. Real Talk feat Coppa
  4. Do Anything feat Derek Meins
  5. Damage

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Date : April 22, 2013


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I wrote the EP towards the end of last year as a followup to my Lose Yourself EP. ‘Damage’ was finished first. It could have been released as a single but I always prefer to write a body of work. It’s more of a challenge to lift each track to the same level sonically on an EP. I wrote and tested a new rocky Dubstep idea for my set at Wireless festival. It went down a treat and this turned into ‘Kill Them’. It featured a sample that I wanted to re-record and Benji from Skindred came to mind right away. We ended up writing a whole new idea. ‘Upon Your Enemy’ was almost an instrumental track. When I heard Doll’s idea though it really gave it another dimension and extra power. Derek Meins was recommended to me and his oldskool rocky tones suited the guitar and Big Beat vibe on ‘Do Anything’. I heard Coppa on a track that he did with Cut La Roc and liked how his personality came through. I kept the beat to ‘Real Talk’ simple until the end to let his vocal do the work. I always enjoy working with vocalists with presence and their own sound. It brings something new to the table and often takes you down a different road. The run up to release has gone really well with the tracks and music videos getting lots of attention. The feedback from everyone on Soundcloud has been great and it’s always nice to see people picking their favourites. It feels good to finally get it out there and I can’t wait to jam these tunes at festivals this summer.

– Run Riot

As you can tell from the video above of the first track from the EP ‘Upon Your Enemy ft. Doll’, this is a harder take on dance music. The rawness and ferocity of Rock music has been infused electronically to deliver some deep, dark and positively nasty grooves and beats. It is such an awesome dubstep tune and I had to single this one out from the release because it is quite simply a gem.

The remaining tunes on the EP are just as face-scrunchingly gorgeous. Featuring the vocal power from Benji Webbe from Skindred, the title track ‘Kill Them’video above – has a great deal of weight and cracking riffs to bring a possible moshpit onto the dancefloor. ‘Real Talk ft. Coppa’ is a harmonic dubstep number with plenty of tweaks and bleeps chaotically organised whilst ‘Do Anything ft. Derek Meins’ is more vocal based with again, a Rock music vibe shrouded with electronica. The last track ‘Damage’ has a little more pleasant harmony on the off and then it is a barrage of gritty breakbeats.

All in all, this is great mix of bass, breaks and balls.

Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT is out now released by Skint Records

Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT

Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT

Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT

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Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT


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Kill Them EP by RuN RiOT