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Love To Give EP by Walking Def Walking DefLove To Give EP

  1. Everything
  2. Love To Give
  3. Let Me Show You ft. Virus Syndicate
  4. Come To Me

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Date : August 11, 2013


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Love To Give EP by Walking Def

A strange encounter that brought three bass music producers together became the catalyst that spawned Walking Def. A sonic experiment crafting some of the most melodically and sonicly intense EDM you’re likely to hear this year. Walking Def are fearless and ferocious in their pursuit of bass music perfection.

Not many acts can say that their debut release was paired with a camera strapped to a baby’s head, then filmed and shown on prime time US TV. But that’s exactly what happened when Walking Def’s first single, the bass-heavy ‘Running All My Life‘, was picked up by GoPro for their 2013 Super Bowl advert which has now clocked up over a million views on YouTube – watch it here.

Their next effort, the four-track ‘Love To Give‘ EP, is a showcase of Walking Def’s studio versatility and inate musicality. Opening with the French electro infused ‘Everything‘ the trio offer a euphoric 110bpm piece of bass music that fans of Justice should have no problem sliding into their playlist. Moving on to the title track, ‘Love To Give‘ is a bittersweet breakbeat rave bomb with a dark edge that’s perfect for peak time dance floor action.

The EP rounds off with two slices of high-energy 140bpm bass. First up is Walking Def’s collaboration with Virus Syndicate, ‘Let Me Show You‘. Feel-good disco chords and distinctive Virus vocals are underpinned by a chunky electro bassline creating dance floor havoc. Finally Walking Def pay tribute to their previous single with ‘Come To Me‘ a track that will elate fans of bass-heavy dubstep the world over. – Midication Recordings

This particular release is at the top end of bass music production as it it wonderfully crafted and flows like liquid despite having heavy glitchy effects and warbling tones throughout each track. It has a gritty industrious vibe yet it is clean, crisp and generally sounds mint.

These guys are an EDM act to keep your eyes and ears open for.

Love To Give EP by Walking Def is released by Midication Recordings on August 11th, 2013

Love To Give EP by Walking Def


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Love To Give EP by Walking Def