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Make It There ft. Folly Rae by Koven KovenMake It There ft. Folly Fae by Koven

  1. Make It There ft. Folly Fae (Original)
  2. Make It There ft. Folly Rae (The Prototypes Remix)
  3. Make It There ft. Folly Rae (Habstrakt Remix)

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Date : October 27, 2013


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Koven is about to unleash his forthcoming release through the powerhouse DnB label of Futurebound‘s Viper Recordings this October and the young producer has been turning bass-heads with every track he has produced over the last couple of years. The latest delight has the ability to merge to worlds of the commercial and the underground due to the harmonious drive, euphoric beat and depth of bass.

One of the most exciting Bass Music acts to emerge in recent times, Koven is the product of producer Max Rowat. With his very first track – the free download – ‘Wake You Up’ clocking in over 1.7 million views on UKF, – listen here – along with the debut single on Viper, ‘More Than You’, Koven have already made a huge splash in the bass music scene. Having previously let Koven remix their single ‘Suffocate’ on Shogun Audio, The Prototypes now return the favour with their very own drum & bass rework of the new single ‘Make It There’ featuring Folly Rae on vocal duty – Viper Recordings

Make It There ft. Folly Rae (Original)

The original release is not a DnB power tune or a jump-up style but instead, it simply is a beautiful piece of music. The lyrics which are delivered by Folly Rae are soft, delicate and comforting which melds with the melodies as they are in the same vain. This is not bass-laden nor frantic dancefloor chaos. It is one of those tunes that is just genuinely a wonderful record. This definitely has the radio airplay written all over it. If you are feeling ill, this will make you feel better. If you are unhappy, this will make you smile. If you are happy, this will keep you in your happy place. Check out the official music video which premiered on UKF below.

Make It There ft. Folly Rae (The Prototypes Remix)

The Prototypes have kept the core wonderfulness in this remix and have added the euphoric big-beat lift to rise the track in clubland, I feel. The tune has had the bass risen with further echoing mids and a coarser drum track which constantly teeters on the verge of breaking out into mayhem. A very well balanced and controlled remix. DnB heads who prefer a touch more weight will appreciate this. But if it is more weight you want still..

Make It There ft. Folly Rae (Habstrakt Remix)

.. then let me introduce you to Habstrakt, if you do not already know him. He is ace. Last year in 2012 he released a tune that stayed in the Beatport Glitch Hop Chart at number one for months. Having the skill to release such quality shows in this drumstep, almost dubstep style remix. Aggression is added, the vibrancy has been added, and the bass now has been deepened. Still in keep with the lovely dreamscape aura that is within the original, Habstrakt injects a touch of hardcore in places and a hammering groove with immense intensity. Fantastic tune.

I love the level of weight that this release carries. Nice and warm at the beginning and then growing into something bigger or deeper but without coming across as monstrous as so many tunes do. I think that this is down to the talent of the producers on this superb 3 track EP and the prevision of the label.

Excellent skills all round. You want this in your life.

Make It There ft. Folly Rae by Koven is released by Viper Recordings on October 27th, 2013

Make It There ft. Folly Rae by Koven






Official Music Video

Make It There ft. Folly Rae by Koven


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Make It There ft. Folly Rae by Koven