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One More Chance EP by T-Phonic Katie's Ambition, Modula, T-PhonicOne More Chance EP

  1. One More Chance ft. Katie's Ambition by T-Phonic & Modula (Original)
  2. One More Chance ft. Katie's Ambition by T-Phonic & Modula (Draft Remix)
  3. All Night Long ft. Katie's Ambition
  4. One More Chance ft. Katie's Ambition by T-Phonic & Modula (Instrumental)

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Date : October 28, 2013


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T-Phonic and with the assistance of Modula, have just destroyed my speakers with the forthcoming release One More Chance which features “rising star” vocalist Katie’s Ambition. Also on the package is a Draft remix and without doubt this will be T-Phonic‘s biggest EP to date and the support has already come in from a couple of Radio 1 DJs.

But yes, this has destroyed my speakers.

Full force, full strength and full of attitude: dancefloors were made for musical missiles like T-Phonic’s. Building on the sterling reputation he’s built on Titan and other distinguished labels such as Viper Recordings, Sub Slayers, Drum & Bass Arena and Life, if you’re not already acquainted with T-Phonic, you certainly will be after checking this.

One More Chance ft. Katie’s Ambition by T-Phonic & Modula (Original)

As I’ve said above, without doubt, this will be his biggest EP to date but I feel it is all down to this very track. It’s absolutely outstanding! A raucous bass-laden barrage of filth and vocal harmony. It seems to me that the combo of T-Phonic & Modula are very much a bass-force to be reckoned with.

I listen to a lot of tunes and recently a lot of DnB. But this is perhaps the best of the year so far, just because of the tones that causes piloerection across my entire body.

This track is also released as an instrumental version on the EP.

All Night Long ft. Katie’s Ambition

This tune is just as chaotic but it does have some very similar sounds which have been heard from a few others tracks. I’m not talking plagiarism here, but there are parts which are very familar from this track, then this track, but then they’re molded into something totally dancefloor destructive. Katie’s Ambition once again delivers a lift to euphoric heights whilst the basslines created by T-Phonic keep you firmly grounded. Wonderfully brutal.

One More Chance ft. Katie’s Ambition by T-Phonic & Modula (Draft Remix)

The Draft remix has been stripped back from the manic ear-beatings and he introduces to us a more chilled – yet still hardglitch hop take on One More Chance. The main thing about glitch is that it has to be a bit funky, a bit of a rumble on the bass. This has it and it has it droves. Unfortunately, it’s not yet online but take it from me, it’s a delightful monster.

I am a little shocked with all of the goosebumps and spinal chills I’ve had listening to this forthcoming release and I will be quite shocked for this not to rise up into the Top Ten of the digital DnB charts when it is finally unleashed. A stunning little EP and definitely worth investigating. The best way to start is by pre-ordering it on iTunes.

I’m keeping my ears locked into whatever is coming out from Titan Records in the future. If this is the house standard, then we are all in for some new speakers.

One More Chance EP by T-Phonic is released by Titan Records on October 28th, 2013

One More Chance EP by T Phonic



Katie’s Ambition




One More Chance EP by T Phonic


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One More Chance EP by T Phonic