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**** Stars: Requiem For A Dream by Leama – Remixes Andre Sobota, Leama, Paul Oakenfold, Quivver, RefractureRequiem For A Dream - Remixes

  1. Requiem For A Dream (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  2. Requiem For A Dream (Quivver Remix)
  3. Requiem For A Dream (Andre Sobota Remix)
  4. Requiem For A Dream (Refracture Remix)

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Date : October 28, 2013


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As far as I am concerned, Paul Oakenfold is a don in his field. Not the field of creating culinary wonders as a Chef, but as a stalwart figure in dance music for being one of the most prominent figure heads of trance, house and baleric big-beat tunes. He has been running one of the most successful electronic music record labels since 1989 and in 2002 there was a track released which managed to cause a stir of euphoria, warmth and passion on the clubland floors when fake tans and body dysmorphia were all in their infancy. The tune was by Leama, it was called ‘Requiem For A Dream‘, and it was quite possibly his biggest composition at that time. Now it is likely to be his biggest release once again. Oakey has taken the tune and remixed it himself a decade later along with dishing the stems to a few others. It has not only been remixed but it has been refreshed, revamped and also refractured.

Bringing the track bang up to date are new remixes from label head Paul Oakenfold, who’s features his version on his new “Cream 21” compilation album, progressive house stalwart Quivver – who turns in a deep, brooding take and one of our favs Andre Sobota – whose recent remix of Justin Oh’s “Find You” is still on daily rotation in the Perfecto office. Hot on the heels of his insane “Bullet in The Gun” makeover breaks legend Refracture delivers a truly delicious take which completes the package immaculately.” – Perfecto Records

The Paul Oakenfold Remix

With a huge injection of big-beat and anthemic, echoing stabby mids, the core melody remains wonderfully in tact but Oakenfold has surrounded the riff with foot-stomping, dirty dutch house tones that would suit the biggest stages and events on the planet today. This is progressive house in the manner that would lift buildings rather than ceilings. A strong release.

The Quivver Remix

Quivver delivers a version which I am not surprised about. He brings a certain delicacy to the tune. A fragility. So in the end the track has become a wonderful dreamy delight with a touch of swagger and plenty of caressing fill-ins that will take your brain elsewhere. It’s a cracking little journey with this one and a lovely tech house tune.

The Andre Sobota

This is the kind of remix I would expect to be released by Perfecto Records and probably Oakey himself. Andre Sobota has nailed this. A proggy house tune that will have the floors buzzing in a natural manner and without any need for external sources to assist. The track has become a delectable wonder and more of a fantastic composition rather than a dancefloor banger.

After a successful remix of another Perfecto classic, ‘Bullet In The Gun‘ – listen nowelectrobreaks producer Refracture returns with his aggressive yet euphoric style remixing this in a manner that brings some filth to the lugholes. The track has now become an enchanting take with plenty of war-face elements. He has injected some grit along with the core beauty of the track and that is just how I like it.

This is a nice varied package as the tracks are all slightly different so they are able to be appreciated by many folks. Everyone will no doubt have their favourite but I think a few people like me will struggle to pick out theirs.

Requiem For A Dream by Leama The Remixes EP is released by Perfecto Records and is out now exclusively on Beatport

Paul Oakenfold

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Andre Sobota

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Facebook: facebook.com/Andre-Sobota


Twitter: twitter.com/Refracture
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**** Stars: Requiem For A Dream by Leama   Remixes


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**** Stars: Requiem For A Dream by Leama   Remixes