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FabricLive 70 by Friction Fabriclive, FrictionFabriclive 70

  1. Optiv & BTK feat. Sam Wills -­ Understand VIP [Shogun Audio]
  2. DC Breaks - Swag [Ram]
  3. Enei & Emperor - Liberation [Critical]
  4. Joe Ford ­‐ Instrument [unreleased] / The Upbeats -­‐ One Step [Vision]
  5. InsideInfo & Mefjus ­‐ Mythos [Virus]
  6. Nymfo -­ Suddenly VIP [Commercial Suicide]
  7. Badmarsh & Shri -­ Signs (Calibre Mix) [Highly Blessed]
  8. Technimatic -­ Bristol [Shogun Audio]
  9. Alix Perez feat. D.Ablo -­ Playing Games VIP [Shogun Audio]
  10. Villem & McLeod - Another Star [Samurai Red Seal]
  11. AI -‐ You Can Dream [Shogun Audio]
  12. Total Science -‐ Still Waiting [unreleased]
  13. Technimatic -‐ Sphere [SGN:Ltd]
  14. Chords ‐ Biting Point [Ram]
  15. Technimatic ‐ Intersection [SGN:Ltd]
  16. Alix Perez feat. Sam Wills ­‐ Annie's Song (Original vs S.P.Y Mash-­‐Up) [Shogun Audio]
  17. Dramatic ‐ Keep Pushing Me [SGN:Ltd]
  18. Kove -­ Searching [MTA]
  19. and more..

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Date : July 15, 2013


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FabricLive 70 by Friction

Fabriclive 70 is the 70th release in the series of live performances from Artists in the Drum & Bass sanctuary known as the outstanding, London club, Fabric.

With Drum & Bass nowadays being more diverse as it was years ago thanks to the tastes of producers appreciating other genres and fusing them up. The core drum track and the bassline, of course, are still in tact. The grooves have more soul, the vibrancy of the tracks have more energy and as ever, the production is first class. Now we have more tech involved as well. More swooshes, wiggles, wobbles and the like. Drum & Bass has never been more exciting.

“I had thought in the past about doing a mix and Shaun (fabric) phones me up and says ‘It’s about time you did a FABRICLIVE mix, what you sayin’? So I was like, “You know what, I haven’t done a CD for a minute. Let’s do it!” The first initial thought in my mind was how am I going to do this? Because sometimes I’m playing to a festival of around 15,000 people, playing a more ‘big room’ sound and then I’m playing to about 400 people and it’ll be really underground, really headzy. I got chatting to Sean and people close to me and I decided to push it more in that direction. I spent time getting the right artists and tracks together and I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out. It’s really kind of how I would play in London or in fact how I would play to a more knowledgeable drum & bass crowd. It’s for the people who are well into the music, with artists like Rockwell, Break, Mefjus and Lenzman, its very much my kind of drum & bass, my take on drum & bass. Hopefully it will be for those people who have been into the music for a long time and who are really deep into the scene. Ultimately I’ve just tried to make it roll.”
Friction on the Mix

The release Fabriclive 70 is by Friction who, as many of us know, is a stalwart figure in the scene as he broadcasts to the nation on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He is the Drum & Bass “go to guy” for the airwaves and is always traveling, booked and putting together pieces of eclectic dance music such as this very release.

The tracks used on Fabriclive 70 are all aggressive yet subtle. They all have a fierce groove, a hard-hitting punch but the flow on each of the tracks as well as the set entirely is smooth and seemless as each tune morphs sweetly from one track into the next. It’s really quite an awesome set.

As this is very much “close to an exclusive“, I’m only posting one track which is included into the release. A proper tease! Accompanying ‘Detroit’ by Rockwell – below – we have the inclusion of DC Breaks, Villem, Chords, Icicle, Ulterior Motiv, InsideInfo, and many others who create and deliver proper techy, dark DnB.

The tracklist is just a sample of what is to come. The tracks of course are a mix of Shogun Audio works – as that is Friction’s own label – along with the mighty RAM, SGN:Ltd, Virus, Syndicate and others of a similar vain.

You don’t get many mixes like this. “It is an astonishing collection”, and a superbly collated one too. The finest DnB there is out there today.

‘Fabriclive.70’ by Friction is released by Fabric on July 15th 2013

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Catch Friction Live:
  • 24/08/2013 – LEEDS FESTIVAL, LEEDS
  • 25/08/2013 – SW4, LONDON

  • FabricLive 70 by Friction


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    FabricLive 70 by Friction