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Scary People / Why by LX One LX OneScary People / Why

  1. Scary People
  2. Why
  3. You VIP (Bonus)

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Date : September 9, 2013


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LX ONE is continuing his rise to UK dubstep glory. This MC is producing deep, dark and melodic dubstep that makes Benga really quite boring.

LX’s signature twisted basslines and thick smashing beats are back in full force on these two tracks. Both Scary People & Why have been a staple in both N-Type & Youngsta’s recent sets. Since his last release with Wheel & Deal Records, LX has become one of the biggest artists in the darker side of Dubstep, with continuous support from N-Type, Youngsta, J Kenzo, Icicle and Plastician to name but a few.

Scary People is one those tracks that doesn’t drive a crowd wild, but controls them in unison and gathers their attention. A haunting and industrious beat with a severe amount of depth that will smash out the back window of your car if you happen to possess sub in the boot. The bass is that strong it could quite easily alter your bpm.

Why sounds even darker. Eerie isn’t the word. The tones in this make you feel like you’re either in a graphic novel nut-house or a dungeon from a scary horror movie. They are lovely! The warmth that the bassline carries though is tremendous. It may be noise to some, but to most, this is production wizardry.

As far as dubstep beats go, the low-frequency mafia will nod in approval, I am sure.

But that isn’t the end of it. If you download this double A release from the Wheel & Deal Surus site then you will be privy to receive a bonus track titled You VIP. LX One has gone even further with his disturbing warbling by revamping the tune he did 3 or so years ago and then makes it even deeper still. To find out more, you’re just going to have to buy it.

Now I’m going to see if I can put the back window out on my motor.

Scary People / Why by LX One is released by Wheel & Deal Records on September 9th, 2013

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Surus on September 9th, 2013

LX One on

Twitter: @LX_ONE
Facebook: facebook.com/LXONEmusic

Scary People / Why by LX One


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Scary People / Why by LX One

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