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Soldiers by Mampi Swift Mampi SwiftSoldiers / The Silence by Mampi Swift

  1. Soldiers
  2. The Silence

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Date : July 1, 2013


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Soldiers by Mampi Swift

Photo credit to: selfdestructivephotography.com

In the UK there are certain names associated with Drum & Bass that have the “Legend” label attached to them by supporters and fans. Goldie, DJ SS, Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Kenny Ken, LTJ Bukem and similar likings such as those fellas. However though, their is one guy who sits amongst these fine names and he is dishing out some beats even now and with great girth, weight and bass. He is Mampi Swift.

Mampi Swift is back again with the first release on his brand new label Mampi Swift Recordings. Rumours of his forthcoming LP, ‘History’, have been causing a stir for a while now and the single ‘Gangster’ had the full support of DJs like Friction, Hype and more.

‘Soldiers’ give a further insight into the forthcoming LP and a welcome return from the veteran that is, Mampi Swift.

The tune ‘Soldiers’ is just a no-messing, no-nonsense hammering barrage of assaulting mids and a cranium-splitting bassline. It’s has a classic vibe to it yet there is a freshness as if the old flavour has been rejuvenated somewhat. It’s banging and a delight. Full of energy, fun and invigorating.

The forthcoming album by Mampi Swift already titled ‘History’ is scheduled for release in October 2013.

‘Soldiers / The Silence’ by Mampi Swift is released by Mampi Swift Recordings on July 1st 2013

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Soldiers by Mampi Swift


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Soldiers by Mampi Swift