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***** Stars: Activ-8 by Altern-8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes Altern 8Activ 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

  1. Hardcore Holocaust Mix
  2. Vix-Vapo Mix
  3. AGT Rave Cru Remix
  4. Billy Daniel Bunter & King Yoof Remix
  5. DJ Phantasy Remix
  6. The Lucius Project Remix
  7. Rocket Pimp Remix
  8. Shadow Dancer Remix
  9. Tommie Sunshine & Gosteffects Remix
  10. Xen Mantra Remix

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Date : December 15, 2013


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Altern 8 – Activ 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes.

As discussed in the Mark Archer interview here is the review for the forthcoming Christmas Number 1 contender from Altern 8. But with a twist. After all, it is for the Christmas Number 1.

There are 8 – of course – never-before heard new remixes plus re-mastered versions of the 1991 ‘Hardcore Holocaust Mix‘ – above – and ‘Vicks Vapo Mix‘ – below. The original track was released 22 years ago and within a matter of days only a couple of weeks ago Mark Archer was shrouded with remixes from not only credible producers in their chosen genre but these remixes were done by fans.

Rather than myself using superlative-laden descriptive ramblings I thought I would get someone else in to do it. So I got the remixers of the original release to add some words. I asked each of them the same question:

“What does the original track mean to you and how does your remix pay homage to it?”

AGT Rave Cru Remix

“Altern-8 was the basic inspiration for AGT Rave Cru – from the look with the Hazmat suits and masks right through to the tunes, with their little hints of acid house and Detroit techno, showing there was some real knowledge behind those anthemic party tracks.

To end up being lucky enough to personally work with Mark in the studio, and to discover that one of my idols lived up to his reputation (and is one of the nicest blokes in the business too) has been awesome – and there’s a fair few unofficial AGT edits of Altern-8 that have been done: so it was great to finally do an ‘official’ one!” – Josh of AGT Rave Cru

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Twitter: @AGTRaveCru
Facebook: on.fb/agtravecru

Billy Daniel Bunter & King Yoof Remix

“The original means smoke filled, big raves full of mental ravers, lights, lasers, proper sound systems and good vibes back in 1991!! Our remix pays homage to those mental time’s but for the new generation of lunatics!” – Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter

“The original tune meant the world too me as back in the day. No commercial radio would play it, the media made out it was music for druggies but yet it still made it into the national charts!
It was down to the ravers and pirate radio that broke this record and so to be asked to remix this piece of history was an honour.” – King Yoof

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

DJ Phantasy Remix

“I remember the original when it first came out and thinking how mental it was… So many samples and sounds flying around all over the place and to remix it, its been an honour. I hope my remix captures the sound of drum and bass right now and represents it in the best light possible. That’s why I kinda took the tempo down in the middle as well because I wanted to pay homage and give a little bit of that original flavour and then bring it back up to date.” – DJ Phantasy

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Twitter: @djphantasy
Facebook: on.fb/DJPhantasy

The Lucius Project Remix

“The original track was one of the tracks that fuelled my desire to get into producing house music. I also used to drive the military vehicle used in the video during my Army days. Our remix pays homage by keeping the vocals that made the original sexy and then added our own deephouse twist to it.” – The Lucius Project

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Rocket Pimp Remix

“I was 4 years old when the original was released. So for me I discovered Activ-8 around my early teens. So the original takes me back to those times.

As far as my mix paying homage to the original, it actually strays quite far away to the originals mood & direction for a reason. I personally wanted to give it a current feel for the remix. Because if you want to hear something that can take you back to care free times. Then nothing comes close to the original.” – Rocket Pimp

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Facebook: on.fb/RocketPimp

Shadow Dancer Remix

“For us, the original is a reminder of a time when we were discovering electronic music for ourselves. And when music as much informed by “underground” Detroit Techno and bleep as it was UK hardcore could also be a pop hit. Altern 8 were somewhat one-of-a-kind, untouchable, and they wore masks. They were essentially the British Underground Resistance, and they were successful without compromise. To be asked to remix them was an offer we couldn’t refuse, and wouldn’t have believed if you’d told us 20 years ago it’d come about.

With our remix, we had no intention of even attempting to ape the original. Altern 8’s sound, while obviously “rave”, really sounds most like.. Altern 8. No point trying to better that, so we built around one or two recognizable sounds from the track – mostly the vocal (we really did angst over whether or not to include the “top one, nice one, get sorted” sample, deciding in the end it was only right to go with it). We went with an electro break, rather than 4/4 as it seemed more fitting, and then topped it off with some 303, as we know Mark does love a bit of / lot of 303!” – Paul & Al of Shadow Dancer

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Tommie Sunshine & Gosteffects Remix

“Altern-8 are everything to me. I drove in over a foot of snow from Chicago to Detroit to see them live in ’92 & I’d still do the same today.

Gosteffects & I did our best to keep the spirit of the original intact with a ’13 dance floor punch & I believe we succeeded.” – Tommie Sunshine

“Tommie and I had a blast remixing this track. We spent a few hours going over old rave tunes to get into the vibe. I’ve always loved the 90s rave sound and I try to incorporate those types of elements into my productions currently. The original track had multiple sections in it. It is a different type of song structure than what is popular right now. We wanted to keep that kind of variety in what was going on in the track. We have a housey part, a electro banger part, the amen section, etc. It was a fun track to remix. It all came together really quickly. We did the remix in under 48 hours. Tommie and I are pleased with the result and can’t wait to get it out there! We’ve both been able to play it out and the feedback on the dance floor has been well received.” – Gosteffects

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Xen Mantra Remix

“I didn’t think anyone would do a House version but The Lucius Project, he did quite a deep one, but I wanted to do a mix a bit more Housey and after the whole Altern 8 thing in ’93 – ’94 I was doing a lot of mixes under the name of Xen Mantra. So I pulled that old pseudonym back. It was after hearing the Rocket pimp mix just how they’d used the vocal sample. I’m really pleased by my mix and it’s not been sent out to anyone so it’s really interesting to find out.” – Mark Archer of Altern 8

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Vicks Vapo Mix

“We originally went into the studio and recorded the one version and that was the ‘Vix-Vapo Mix‘ which ended up as a B-Side on the 12″. Then the label asked us to do another version and then that one ended up as the A-Side.” – Mark Archer

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes

Forget the fact that this is an old tune originally, listening to a couple of these remixes many younger folk wouldn’t realise the core stems of the main composition were together part of jilting a generation. A happy generation. And a communal one. That’s something that you can see by reading the comments from above. These weren’t remixes by other “guys in the game”, these were remixed by people who have lived with the tune for most of their careers and also influencing them to begin with. They’ve all come together and delivered exactly what they should’ve done: Homage. For it is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something. Quite fitting for this time of year, isn’t it?

Kudos to John Power – @andnowhearthis – for letting me know about this, but yeah! Where is the review? Well. You’ve heard the remixes right? I ain’t gonna say no more.

Altern-8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes is released by Network Records on December 15th, 2013

Edit: It’s out now

Mark Archer


The Campaigners


This is a treat for the true hard-core.

Original demo version of Altern 8’s ‘Activ-8’ – written by Mark Archer and recorded at LaSong Studio, Gnosall, Staffordshire. The track was added to at Blue Chip Studio’s in Stafford and then remixed for the 2 versions that were commercially released in 1991.

This version has never been released.

***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes


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***** Stars: Activ 8 by Altern 8 (Come With Me) 2013 Remixes