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***** Stars: Watching Me EP by High Maintenance High MaintenanceWatching Me EP

  1. Watching Me Ft. Georgina Upton
  2. Let You Go Ft. Katie's Ambition
  3. The Future
  4. Different Worlds

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Date : September 8, 2013


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High Maintenance is Brighton based James Smith and his records are pretty much on every USB stick or burnt CD of all underground DnB DJs across the land. His releases are so full-on that the ground beneath the dance-floors where his tracks are heard tend to split like the parting of tectonic plates. Very appropriate for the in-house style of AudioPorn Records.

Combining soulful liquid sensibilities with dancefloor-damaging energy, and equally at home in a dubstep, drumstep or drum and bass tempo, High Maintenance isn’t one to be confined by genre. Now he’s back to cement his status as a talented producer at the top of his game as he returns with the highly anticipated ‘Watching Me’ EP.

Watching Me Ft. Georgina Upton

This track is a collaboration alongside label colleagues Mediks, hence why it is so weighty, destructive and an onslaught of hammering mids, industrious drums and sweet, sweet melodies. Featuring the delicate larynx of the heavenly Georgina Upton, this tune is an instant grabber. There’s nothing about this that says it is a grower, it’s gorgeous from the off. Monstrous DnB. This WILL do well. Mark my words.

Let You Go Ft. Katie’s Ambition

Once again featuring vocal talent, this time we have Katie’s Ambition which adds a kind of sultry Old Skool vibe uplifting the crowd through the diverse and mammoth-in-size basslines. The build up is quick and the drop is substantial. It is an assault on the ears. A frenetic frenzy of arms, singing and smiles will occur upon hearing the deep, sordid mids drive this track through the ceiling.

Different Worlds

A sense of euphoria is felt when this tune starts off and it is fully present when the drop comes in. Rather than the usual vigourous nature that High Maintenance possesses, this track has a more anthemic flavour which will bring the crowd together in great unison. It must be an awesome feeling to be amongst a crowd when this tune is played. It’s so warm and you can feel the natural development of dopamine progressing from within you. Lovely.

The Future

Finally we have an instrumental behemoth and if this is The Future then we are all done for! This is pure carnage and will turn clubland into mosh-pits. It begins with an 8-bit synth riff which then morphs into subwoofer wrecking power. I can’t say anymore other than listen and get it. It will get you wearing the war-mask.

Unfortunately a certain heavy metal outfit from Texas has already coined this before, but I would call the Watching Me EP a vulgar display of power. And it is excellent.

Watching Me EP by High Maintenance is released by AudioPorn Records on September 8th, 2013

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***** Stars: Watching Me EP by High Maintenance


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***** Stars: Watching Me EP by High Maintenance