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Rockin EP by Kid Panel [Breaks]

Rockin EP by Kid Panel [Breaks]

On days full of sunshine and skies clear of the clouds, when the party is about to start there is nothing better at times than to drop in some funky Breakbeat tunes.

This latest release from the Hungarian producer of broken beats, Kid Panel has the elements of funk, groove and general sunshine happiness with his ‘Rockin’ EP from Divergence Records.

As the drums kick off in the broken 4/4, they sturdily take us forward along with some 70’s style bass finger picking with some classic palm-muted effects on the guitar accompanied with a wah-wah. Sunshine disco vibes are the foundation of this groovy release which is perfect for sunsets on the beaches, the BBQ parties or clubland dancefloors. It’s a fun and high spirited Breaks tune.

As the drums kick off in the broken 4/4 on this, there is a touch more pounding going on. A firmer, stronger bass kick echoing slightly with a filthy mid rumbling underneath as the track builds up but still with a warmth from the discotheque vibe but again with an added punch. Subtle, gravel-toned Electro warbles fill up the sound as well which are akin to some signature Pendulum patches. There are some classic elements in this solid Breaks release and once again, the groove still carries you off to where you’d rather be. A firm floor filler.

Kid Panel has a habit and great consistency in bring to us some cracking party pieces and this is no different.

‘Rockin” EP by Kid Panel is out now released by Divergence Records on Beatport and everywhere else on May 30th 2012
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Rockin EP by Kid Panel [Breaks]


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Rockin EP by Kid Panel [Breaks]
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