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INTERVIEW: X Factor Star Kye Sones Talks About Lucky Numbers

Seven EP by Kye Sones

Kye Sones is a name that quite a few people who are now probably aware of since appearing on The X Factor last year. Heavily backed by his judge and mentor Gary Barlow as he was taken into the live shows, he performed wonderfully and still continues do so on his brand new release, Seven which has come out this week.

Kye Sones took some time out to answer a few questions and we talk about lucky numbers, where he is now, and working with Funkatech producers:

Interview with Kye Sones

Nice one for taking the time out for me Kye. I know that you’ve been having some long days recently. Are you managing to sleep because I spotted you tweeting at around 5am on Tuesday morning?

Yes just about. I’ve been quite busy but that’s when I’m most happy. I’ve always worked hard in anything I’ve done in life so I’m very happy to be busy.

It’s been quite a journey for you over the last year plus with plenty of positives along the way. Has it been fun up to now and do you still manage to keep in touch with the friends that you met along the way?

It’s like anything in life, there’s fun times and not so fun times. I’m just happy to be making music with my friends and to be releasing something. I try and keep in touch with people but you can only reach out so much then it’s down to the other person to reciprocate. I made some strong friendships through the experience though which was a plus.

INTERVIEW: X Factor Star Kye Sones Talks About Lucky Numbers

Why, if I may ask quite bluntly, did you name a five track EP called ‘Seven’?

The EP is called Seven for a few reasons. I have always been drawn to the number and over the past 2 years it’s been a symbol of luck for me and a sign of something good. Also I didn’t want to name the EP after one of the song titles on the record as I wanted it to be about a body of work rather than focusing on just one track. That can sometimes suggest that one song is strong and the others are fillers and I feel each song on the EP is strong and for totally different reasons.

How was it working with Nicky D’Silva & Ben Collier?

It was really important for me to work on this EP with my friends. People that I’ve been working with before the success of the show. Most people come off these shows or sign record deals and then they work with the big-boy producers which, don’t get me wrong, is amazing.

I feel it’s important that if your in a circle of up-and-coming artists, producers, writers, and one of you gets a break, then you should take the other guys with you.

Ben I’ve worked with for many years now and Nicky I’ve worked with for a few years and they’re great. Not only are they friends but they are both amazing talented people. Also Nari Man is in the same crew and we all work together well and I’ve no doubt it’s only a matter of time before they are the go-to-people for the big labels etc. I always enjoy working with them and I’m sure we will continue to do so in the future for years to come.

How did the EP come together?

I wanted to get something out there and rather than go for an album straight away I wanted to get something out sooner and a sample of what’s to come. Again, I wanted to work with my friends and people I had worked with before the show. I wanted to show my versatility as a songwriter and as a co-producer. I always have lots of ideas so it’s been great to work with friends who are like-minded and know how to take them, add to them, and create a finished song. It was really refreshing to not have 20 cooks giving their opinions on song choices etc. I’ve been signed before and worked on projects where before a song sees the light of day. It passes through 20 peoples thoughts and opinions and that can be very frustrating. With this EP I was able to take total creative control from the song choices to the artwork and font. Doesn’t sound like a big thing but you would be surprised how many peoples opinions you usually have to battle with before a record goes onto iTunes.

I’ve also heard a piece called ‘Killing Time’ which was also a track produced with Nicky from PYRAMID, do you find that fun as well? Would you do more work like that again?

Again this was an idea Ive had for a long time and I took it to Nicky as I felt he was the perfect man for the job and he was. We will defiantly be doing more material like this soon.

I was a little surprised by the upbeat nature of the cracking ‘Keep Running’ track when your work appears to come across as quite solemn and full of heartache such as the quite unique ‘Done With Believing’ from a few months back and the divine ‘No Words’ from the new EP. I actually thought, and this is a random comment, that ‘No Words’ had a resemblance to Jackson in parts. Some of those high notes are very rare. Are you more comfortable singing the calmer piano tracks rather than the, let’s say, dancier sounding works? You seem to reduce a few dance tracks down to their acoustic core.

I like the dark side of pop. Tears For Fears and Miike Snow are favourites of mine. They’re great songs, emotive and powerful but dark. Amy Winehouse‘s Back To Black did this perfectly. Happy/sad I like to call it.

The EP has variations in style. Some moody, softer works as well as some which have potency and vitality. All are just absolute delights.

Kye Sones is a very humble gentleman who is continually striving to ensure that he achieves what it is that he wants to achieve. He has a fantastic work ethic and I feel that this body of work reflects that, and I wish him all the best in what he does.

Seven EP by Kye Sones is out now

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INTERVIEW: X Factor Star Kye Sones Talks About Lucky Numbers

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INTERVIEW: X Factor Star Kye Sones Talks About Lucky Numbers


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INTERVIEW: X Factor Star Kye Sones Talks About Lucky Numbers
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