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Sick Style EP by Habstrakt [Dubstep Glitch] w/ Free Download

Sick Style EP by Habstrakt [Dubstep Glitch] w/ Free Download

Since a particular remix which was done – here – I have awaited the next official release from this French dubstep producer because it seems that he has the elusive gift in creating absolute gemstones. Some producers can do tracks well, some very well but I believe that this guy has the global quality. Perhaps that is why he is now signed up to the big deliverer of beats Never Say Die Records.

This is the ‘Sick Style EP’ EP by Habstrakt and after browsing the urban dictionary, it is well sick indeed.

With the Hip Hop lyrical vibe from @MaksimMC along with the cheeky little 8 bit effects the drums take us along with a grimy bassline and the groove is then in place. Screeching high tones leveled out in balance with the dubby bass that can saw though your bones together delivers to us a gritty number with swagger and attitude, with a ribbit from frog in places. And yeah, I said that.

Whilst the original is as fat as we like the only difference in sound with the ‘Dub Mix’ is an undercurrent of depth and the removal of the vocal in places. Not much difference but the added weight makes it a little larger.

I am starting to feel that the 110 vibe is taking off big time and it seems that @Habstrakt is managing to nail it like Pontious Pilate. The Glitch-Hop groove is immediate and the drum track is solid funk. The electro keys have a sinister essence giving the tune some grace but then the hammering mids and gravelly bass tone start working in sync like a wondrous duet giving the track a much larger presence. We are left with a dark, sordid, funky dubstep tune at a delightful BPM so everyone can feel the dirty vibe and skank.

#DeadGoodTune and also the Free Download which you can pick up below from the Habstrakt Facebook Page

When this kicks off you’re not sure what to expect. Working alongside side our man we have the production skills of Belgian producer @PointBlankmatar who seems to bring a lot of tech behind the fluctuating and bouncy bassline. The track is full further 8 bit effects jostling along with the mids and the random echoes of vocal samples, more electro effects, booming riffs and of course, monkey howls. It is quite a complex record and would find it incredibly confusing to look at it in the studio but it gels altogether and comes across as a masterful, dancefloor filler for the bass heads.

There is a stronger edge to this tune Supernatural and that I think would be down to the delectable workings from @NiveauZero who tend to move towards the more metallic style of dance with their fusion of rockier effects with the dubstep basslines. The tune is not too much that way inclined as it seems to be leveled out by the hands of @Habstrakt. We have a tune that grows into a certain manicness which then turns into a trance style track which of course then turns into a combination of electro effects fused with ridiculously abrasive tones hammering the senses. Very out-there and it shows great diversity.

Immediately captivating and engaging this tune begins with a style akin to the DnB legend that is Burial with a sinister spookiness, haunting aura and crackling vinyl effects. It opens up a little and then on a small scale moves into a more chilled out @Habstrakt tune which is nevertheless, enchanting and delightful.

With a record such as this with different vibes, levels and with such a smart production, I am in awe of this producer and in time we all soon will be.

‘Sick Style’ EP by Habstrakt is released by Never Say Die Records worldwide on June 18th 2012
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Sick Style EP by Habstrakt [Dubstep Glitch] w/ Free Download


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Sick Style EP by Habstrakt [Dubstep Glitch] w/ Free Download
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