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Trap Vs Disco On Specimen A Exclusive ‘Money Money Money’

Money Money Money by Specimen A

Following the wonderous bass-heavy free download from Specimen A titled ‘Shut Your Trap‘ – listen here – which was dropped a few months ago, the influx of new appreciators went thorough the blown roof and now the same is likely to happen again with this brand new carefully constructed bootleg from Specimen A and still in the same vain, we have Disco grooves combined with Trap vibes and deep, dark and dirty basslines. This time, it’s ‘Money Money Money‘.

I only made this tune just as a statement record. It’s a continuation of the Disco Trap style I made with ‘Shut Your Trap’. I had a clear idea for the record and when I ripped the ABBA sample. Instead of automatically speeding it up to 128 bpm, I thought I’d do something different and keep it at 120bpm just to make something different. With this tune I was aiming to do something that was hard to put in a box. That was the inspiration for making it. I think of it more as ‘Disco Dub’ rather than ‘Disco Trap’. The production techniques on the drop are more Dub related than Trap. I hope everyone enjoys it and see’s it for what it is and doesn’t take it seriously. I certainly didn’t.” – Specimen A

Just a bit of fun it may be but to be fair, it is quite a luscious, bass-laden barrage of funk. The tones on this tune will resonate in your ears several minutes after the tune ends as this isn’t just a normal bootleg, this is a Specimen A bootleg.

Rather than getting you to jump through a few email subscription hoops to get the free download, you can get it right now and here straight to your hard-drive.

Money Money Money by Specimen A is a free download

Trap Vs Disco On Specimen A Exclusive Money Money Money


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Trap Vs Disco On Specimen A Exclusive Money Money Money
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