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Stranger by Stoneway – Free Download

After an excellent 2012 and with a banging start to the new year Funkatech are continuing the pattern of delivering excellence by bringing to you a fresh new talent. Here I introduce to you this artist who is known as Stoneway, and now he is part of the Funkatech family.

His first label release will be the forthcoming ‘Talking Funk EP’ which will find itself amongst the sets of some of the best without any shadow of doubt. Until then, let me introduce Stoneway a little more:

Who is Stoneway and where are you from?

Well, I could say, “I’m Stoneway”. But I pretty sure it is better to say that “Stoneway” represents the music and not the person because I’m a lot of people at the same time, trust me! But Anyway, Stoneway is Rémi, a 26 year old Music Composer/Producer from France. (Pretty deep in the center of France!)

How long have you been doing production?

About ten years. (It seems like it was yesterday!)

Who are your musical influences?

Woow difficult! The first tune I’ve been listening in loop was Culture Beat – “Mr Vain” (With my Mother). The first disc I possessed was “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby” by Fatboy Slim. So, these should have influenced me unconsciously. But to speak about more recent times I really loved French Electro wave from the early 2000 with all Ed Banger crew. Then it’s deadmau5 and later Feed Me, Wolfgang Gartner, who really made me want to produce Electro.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to Crystal Fighters a lot. In Electro Wolfgang Gartner “Love and War” and The Frederik (All!) – this guy is going to be HUGE!

What have you released so far?

Specimen A’s “Slam Dunk” (Remix)

What are you about to release next?

I’m about to release a new EP, which will contain one Electro House tune, one 110 BPM tune between Moombah and Glitch (Still hard to qualify this one) and another 128 BPM, a little bit smoother but hardworking on the dancefloors.

Where can we find more about Stoneway?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stonewayfrgo here for the download.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stonewayfr
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stoneway
Personal website: http://www.stoneway.fr

Why Funkatech? You could have gone to other labels with your skills.

The human contact! The crew has adopted really quickly and Asad – Funkatech Label Owner – trusted me on that Specimen A remix (Which was a pretty unreal act!) So it seemed logic to me to work with Funkatech!

What are you goals?

Live, travel, discover by (and for) the music. Bring the project live to the stage one day! Producing for movies is something I’d love, too! And too much things I want to do in my life to list it here!

To mark this occasion, Funkatech have not wasted anytime in unleashing ‘Stranger’ because, quite simply, it is a little rare gemstone. This free download is for you to take away with you right now. All you have to do is ‘Like’ Stoneway on his Facebook page so please share and support the new brother of the Funkafam.

Talking Funk EP by Stoneway will be released by Funkatech Records soon

Link to Download:




Stranger by Stoneway   Free Download


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Stranger by Stoneway   Free Download
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