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INTERVIEW: Subsource Ask Us To Look At The Truth

Interview with Subsource - http://funkatech.com

Subsource are one of the most exciting bands to watch and hear in the UK today. For a small moderately well-known act, they have done far more that some globally renowned groups have achieved. They’ve toured, they’ve released, they’ve filmed, they’ve destroyed. I’ve been following this band for a few years and I really rate them highly. Their latest release is the multi-genre EP Re:Generation Doom. Along with the news on this speaker ruining material, I have a chat with Stu Henshall – the double-bass wielding vocalist of Subsource – and he tells me about the bangers that have to be loud, the heavier side of dance music and hover transportation.

Interview with Subsource

How’s the new van after the trusty Van del Diablo decided to go meet her creator? That was 2 1/2 years ago now though so I’m sure you’re ready for a new mode of transport again.

Well I was kind of hoping the hover board technology we were promised in ‘Back To The Future II’ would have come to fruition but saying that this one is bearing up well. We bought her with funds we raised on PledgeMusic and that’s kept the live act on the road for, like you say, nearly 3 years. So we’ve taken a bit better care of this one. Though our engineer Olly drove under a low bridge which knock off our beacon which makes it harder to manoeuvre traffic jams. Used to be able to pretend to be road workers to get through. Miss that.

The last time we chatted – other than in randomness over the net – it was around the time of the launch for your “Dubumentary” which was a film put together by Colin Arnold of Surgery Productions and a live music documentary was made revolving around you guys on tour. How has the feedback been for that after this time? You had the cinema in your local town, out on DVD everywhere, even a quote from legendary John Landis stating that is was: “An insightful look at the truth about Rock and Roll”..

We were blown away that Colin would give up 18 months of their life to jump in the van with us and even more blown away by the response from the people that watched it. It’s usually big profile acts that have documentaries made about them but it shows the grind that people don’t normally see. Personally, it’s great to have that record of time the people in it shared, and awesome to see the footage of the crowds losing it. When I was looking for a film on On Demand it was there. I was pretty impressed to see that.

We’ve had a bit of a turnaround in the band haven’t we with regards to members?

True. The music has evolved from Tales For The Doombox to Generation Doom and so has the lineup. I think we have the right line-up for the noise we are making now for sure.

You have a couple of champions who are always supporting you such as Skint Records’ Run Riot, XFMs Eddy Temple-Morris, Dreadzone – interview coming next week – Engine Earz, and this has been noticed from the release of your Generation Doom EP which came out late last year. Who else have you clocked that is fast becoming a Subsource fan?

Regardless of who it is, ANYONE saying they are into what you’re doing is a massive complement. All the guys you’ve mentioned are top blokes for the support.

Do you think you’ll get more after you Re:Generation Doom EP comes out?

Who knows? As we have been predominantly a Dance led act and the last EP was more on the heavy side of things, it felt right to have some dancefloor representation. Plus we wanted to hear what the guys on it did.

It’s different to what I expected it to be, I was thinking far more rocky but there’s a bit of an industrious funk style going on with some great breaks, DnB. Have we tried to get the release out to a different audience a little rather than just appeasing the one that you have?

We liked the idea of having the EP re-imagined as a dance release. If it turns people on to us generally. Wicked. If not, there are some bangers on there that need to be heard loud.

It’s a right eclectic mix. How did you come across the remixers anyway?

Just fans of their stuff mainly. I’ve known Freshold for years and been loving the stuff he’s been doing with Retrix so been wanting them to do something. Eddy Temple-Morris has supported us for years and his Losers act are a pretty amazing bunch. Animal are funny fuckers and churn out banger after banger, and Run Riot and Subsource have a history of some years now exchanging remixes, collaborating on tracks. Proper co-op deal. It’s been fun to put together.

Are you inline to do some remixing yourself on their material in time to come and do all band members participate or is that more so left to the electronic whizz?

We have remixed RuN RiOT in the past, and we have forthcoming releases for Losers and Animal. Remixing is fun. We all get on it. Loads in the works at the moment.

Are you planning on doing any more of your Fuckstep Sessions – above – because they were an awesome eclectic mix once again?

All focus has been finishing the next record. There’s been some great records this year to put it together with so will get on it.

So what’s next for Subsource other than the continuing plight of global domination?

Ha, write more, tour more, and doing another Fuckstep Session mix.

Unsurprisingly, they’re not stopping, and still going full steam ahead!

The latest release is surprising, yet not at the same time. The tracks have been given an additional stomp on some parts. Further melodic ease on others. RuN RiOT typical injects an industrious dubstep groove on The Feeding. Eddy Temple-Morris‘ band Losers twists the track round into a delightful moody and almost euphoric breakbeat composition. Freshold & Retrix with their take on the big tune of the initial release Molotov gives us a rocky 110bpm glitch fest. ANiMAL deliver a DnB smasher which twists the original of Anarchy into a more anarchic monster than it was before.

The one track that hasn’t yet been mentioned is the remix of Sentient. He too takes the stems from The Feeding and brings us a calmness in comparison to Run Riot’s. The track is a more spiritual journey rather than taking us en-route to the usual mayhem. It is also a free download with the release so make sure that you snatch it up.

If you like your dance music into the more moshing fashion and care to do some speaker destruction, then not only is this release is for you, but so is the band Subsource.

Re:Generation Doom by Subsource is released by Doombox Recordings and is out now

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INTERVIEW: Subsource Ask Us To Look At The Truth


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INTERVIEW: Subsource Ask Us To Look At The Truth
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