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Talking Funk EP by Stoneway – OUT NOW

FTECH058 - STONEWAY - Talking Funk EP - http://funkatech.com

You can do things the easy way. You can do things the hard way. Or you can do things the Stoneway

We recommend the latter. Far more fulfilling than the other choices. And a truck load funkier too. As proved by this incendiary debut EP brought to you by Funkatech.

You might recognise his name from a previous Funkatech release: the talented French artist made his professional entrance with a remix of Specimen A’s ‘Slam Dunk’ last October. Now exclusively signed and primed for his first full-flavoured outing, Stoneway has prepared a journey from glitchy grit to spine-shuddering electro. And everyone’s invited.

We embark with the crutch-grabbing low-tempo swagger-fest ‘Talking Funk’. Comprising layers of textured, fractured basslines and all manner of colourful synth shrills, it doesn’t just talk funk. It sings it. In many different languages. Armed with a dreamy drop and high-impact production techniques, it stomps with a power that belies its sub 110 tempo.

Next up, ‘I’m Not A DJ’. Euphoric-but-ballsy, it instantly bombards us with oceanic synth blasts. If you’ve a tendency to thrust your lighter up, do it now – you won’t be disappointed. Dropping into the main groove, Stoneway then strips the vibe back to a bare stomp and off-beat bass concoction before building the entire track up again to a state of undiluted vibrancy. He might not be a DJ, but boy does Stoneway understand the dynamics of a DJing – this will cause commotions on every dancefloor that has the pleasure of hearing it.

‘Awkward Moments’ is the final stage of this journey. The audio equivalent of a triple espresso, there’s a hint of empowered musical militancy amidst the rainbow-synth patterns and hip-switching bass growls. Boasting yet another heavenly drop, and some subtle vocal appearances from MC Siri himself, ‘Awkward Moments’ is the perfect balance of peaktime electro power, mischievous funk and tongue in cheek fun.

Support from: Far Too Loud, Killsonik, Crissy Criss, Reid Speed, Eddy Temple-Morris, Specimen A, PYRAMID, Dirtyphonics, Roksonix, Downlink, 12th Planet and more.

Talking Funk EP by Stoneway is released by Funkatech Records on July 15th, 2013

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1bBP15N
Google Play: http://bit.ly/143LdbO
iTunes UK: http://bit.ly/13cXrNi
iTunes US: http://bit.ly/18XFzKr
iTunes FR: http://bit.ly/1bBMgRX
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/15wFckp
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/13K2O9F
Amazon FR: http://amzn.to/1anj8ft

Talking Funk EP by Stoneway   OUT NOW


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Talking Funk EP by Stoneway   OUT NOW
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