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Tear The Club Up by Gosteffects The Monolith Remix [Electro]

Tear The Club Up by Gosteffects The Monolith Remix [Electro]

One particular producer who has caught my eyes and ears recently has been this American producer of ferocious beatings, @Monolith4ever. The vibe he tends to emit is nothing short of excellent. Hard hitting and bombarding tones that shatter your mind and knacker your speakers. The latest piece of material to hit the digital stores is his remix of @Gosteffects track ‘Tear The Club Up’ which seems to be quite an apt title for a man who can certainly do exactly that.

Whilst the original record is an audacious electro track with a minimal feel and rolls along in a breeze, the Monolith remix is more of a hurricane. Heavier, carrying more weight and highly destructive. The additional rise in pace, added level of bass and haunting echoing tones give the track a fullness so it’s very much a tune that has been made into his own when you stick the two tracks together. As Gosteffects has gone for a subtle attack on the senses, Monolith barges in, slaps it down and doesn’t look back. This one tune that can deliver some serious health and safety issues on the floor.

After randomly stumbling onto the work of this guy, I don’t think I can get enough. He makes a lot of the producers out there at the minute in the commercial sector of EDM look like a bunch of kindergarten or nursery children playing with their Fisher-Price production kits. It’s the finished product that matters and Monolith certainly delivers.

Mark my words, Monolith is going to grow and I believe that he will be a dominating producer in no time to come.

‘Tear The Club Up’ by Gosteffects The Monolith Remix is released on the ‘Kick The Bass Remixes’ EP by Afterlife Records and is out now.

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Tear The Club Up by Gosteffects The Monolith Remix [Electro]


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Tear The Club Up by Gosteffects The Monolith Remix [Electro]
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