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Tension EP by Habstrakt from Never Say Die Records

Tension EP by Habstrakt from Never Say Die Records | http://funkatech.com/thetruejoe90

There are only a certain few producers which are really managing to stimulate my brain to cause the goosebumps to rise from my skin. Currently Habstrakt is one of those producers and at the minute I can’t see or even hear him putting of foot wrong. His latest release from his Never Say Die camp is the ‘Tension EP’ which once again shows us that he is the Glitch Hop don. The dexterous French wizard of 22 years is having some seriously hot support from across the globe. With regular plays on The Skream & Benga Show on BBC Radio 1 it certainly has given him a big lift but to be honest, his music is doing that all by itself. Flux Pavilion, Datsik, Rusko and the like are supporting the work of this fresh talent and this naughty release shows us all why.

The first tune on the EP is ‘Gluttony’. A cheeky stomper of a dubstep tune with a good marching beat, plenty of depth and swagger. The groove of the record is so infectious, if you are a fan of this type of work then it’ll be branded into your brain and it will end up being that tune that you can’t relinquish from your head. Which is not a bad thing at all. (If you also wish to possess this track, go to the widget at the bottom of this post to discover how it can become yours without cost)

With a similar flavour to his previous ‘Get Funky’ tune which held the Beatport top spot in the Glitch Hop charts for pretty much the entire Summer, the title track ‘Tension’ immediately falls into the realms of awesomeness. The bounce is adorable! It has the ability to make everyone in the room rhythmically nod, foot tap or just get up out of their seats and dance. It can not be helped. Some haunting synths and almost corrosive mids cause gyration in some form in everyone. It is such a likeable track which comes to use in the perfect 112BPM.

Now the third track ‘Lady’ is a little bit different. This is dubstep that even dubstep haters can enjoy and appreciate – or at least I would hope so. The thing about a lot of dubstep tracks is that some people can’t find the groove or feel the melody within it. On this track is blatantly obvious and there is an abundance of gratifying beats. It is quite an abrasive funky tune and years ago would have been classed as very leftfield, but now it is far more than just right. Near perfection in fact.

The last track can only be described by collating all of the previously used descriptive words and chucking them all into this paragraph as ‘Mantis’ brings all of the above into one explosive filthy, glitch fest of a record. Deep, dark and full of funk at a sultry 100 BPM. I can’t say anymore to be honest. It is just amazing. And most importantly, a lot of fun.

To have a few good single releases in a year is always a credible feat but to have quality release after quality release like what this man has managed to achieve, he’ll be classed as one of the globally renowned greats by the end of 2013.

‘Tension EP’ by Habstrakt from Never Say Die Records is out now

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Out now:
On Beatport: http://btprt.dj/Um0CLN

Out on Dec 21, 2012:
On iTunes UK & EU: http://bit.ly/U14jsj
On iTunes US & CA: http://bit.ly/XroiyI
On Amazon: http://amzn.to/WagNkr


Tension EP by Habstrakt from Never Say Die Records


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Tension EP by Habstrakt from Never Say Die Records
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