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The Lost Dubs by BAR9

The Lost Dubs by BAR9 is (as the UK saying goes) are exactly what it says on the tin. Our friends over at Never Say Die Records have unleashed this 5 track EP of wondrous depth.

Here is what BAR9 had to say about it:

All the tracks on The Lost Dubs are essentially tracks that never saw the light of day. They were for us and other DJ friends to play out in the raves. We decided to release these tracks, along with uploading our entire back catalog one track each day to our YouTube channel to show our contribution to the newcomers to the scene. Back in 2008 when things really started to kick off for the dubstep movement, there wasn’t really a lot of stuff that sounded like this and it helped shape the scene as we know it today.

These is raw, down to core, dubstep. perhaps also being as these are The Lost Dubs, also ahead of their time. These tunes were created circa 2008 and no doubt would have been lost amongst the Beatport charts if they were released back then. So now having had a little refresh, they are very much beats that are going to be appreciated today.

And dear me are they heavy! BAR9 are full of weight and the groove that they manage to instill into these raucous compositions is astonishing.

The pair are also dishing out a vinyl dubplate of the EP via their Facebook page. This will be one of those rarities for the die-hard fans so it is well worth checking out.

The Lost Dubs by BAR9 is out now released by Never Say Die Records Exclusively on Beatport. Our everywhere else from August 26th, 2013

Buy from

Beatport: btprt.dj/Bar9-TheLostDubs

BAR9 on

Twitter: @bar9uk
Facebook: facebook.com/BAR9UK

The Lost Dubs by BAR9


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The Lost Dubs by BAR9
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