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The Party Never Stops – EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dub Pistols

Dub Pistols

There are some music acts that seriously live for the love of music and the ‘Best Live Act‘ according to Breakspoll 2013, Dub Pistols don’t really stop. Festivals events, tents, massive stages abroad, known by almost everyone in the music industry in London, these are proper stalwarts of their game. And they do like the bass.

Dub Pistols are a London based dub music, hip-hop and big-beat band, founded by ex-club promoter, Barry Ashworth, in 1996. After four albums, several Beatport number ones for their single releases and a few awards for their performances, Ashworth takes a short few minutes for a chat in the hectic schedule that they currently have and he tells us about Romanian hospitality, eclectic sets and wanting The Chemical Brothers.

Interview with Dub Pistols

Had many Trick Or Treaters at all or have you even dressed up and gone out yourself?

Played a Halloween party last week in Romania and somehow managed to split my head open in the club. I was covered in blood so I looked way more scary than any costume that anyone else was wearing. I ended up in hospital getting my head stitched up afterwards which was no fun.

Halloween is a bit of a party period for a lot of folks but you guys are doing some partying throughout November continuing your ‘White Lines‘ tour. Where are we headed and where has been serious fun so far?

The first 3 shows on the tour have been sold out and all been rocking, every show we do is fun or full on carnage. This weekend we are in Southampton then I head to Turkey before continuing on to – all dates November 2013 – Bristol [7th], Exeter [8th], Falmouth [9th], London [14th], Brighton [15th], Bedford [16th], Glasgow [22nd], Sheffield [23rd], Leeds [29th] and Manchester [30th]. (all dates November 2013 and they are being supported by Ben & Lex).

Your fifth studio album ‘Worshiping The Dollar‘ came out July last year, are you surprised by the overall success it has generated because DnB and Reggae number one spots for the previously released single are not to be sniffed at?

I’m always surprised and humbled by any success if you can call it that.

I describe us as the most successfully unsuccessful band ever – Barry Ashworth

Which record are you most happy about on the album? Have you a personal favourite?

I think my favourite track from ‘Worshiping The Dollar‘ is ‘Gunshot‘ – listen now. It was the first time I had attempted a track with D&B influence and it just seems to go off. When we play it live it properly takes the roof off.

Alive‘ is the next release out on Monday. What’s the message?

Only that life is just one shot and to live it to full. You are here today and gone tomorrow, so never have any regrets. Just be ‘Alive‘.

The track ‘Alive ft. Red Star Lion‘ is wrapped up in a package surrounded by, not just a just a couple of remixes, but seven. Are we trying to get more variety into your tracks and trying to get further awareness in different genres?

Not really, it was more of a case of so many producers asking if they could remix that track so I just thought why not, and every producer has turned in an awesome mix, so I couldn’t be happier.

If you were doing a Dub Pistols Soundsystem gig (Dub Pistols DJing rather than a Live show), which remix do you think would suit your set more?

Depends where and when I’m playing. I can use most of them to be honest as I play very eclectic sets.

The support you have in the industry is awesome from fans such as Krafty Kuts & A.Skillz, Kissy Sell Out, Sonny Wharton, Eddy T-M, Sister Bliss, Freq Nasty, Moby, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Bono, Ian Brown, Jag Skills, the list goes on to form another exhausting list, but who in particular have you heard of being a fan and gone, “Yeah ok, that’s cool that he/she is a fan”? Who have you be in awe of who appreciates your music?

When Leftfield contacted me and said they wanted to mix ‘Six Million Ways To Live‘ (studio album from 2011) that was pretty special but I’m always amazed when anyone likes my music.

Who’s missing from the list of remixers doing some work for Dub Pistols? Who would you love to get on board to revamp some of your work do you think?

Chemical Brothers would be the one for me as they are my favourite all-time electronic music makers. Their production is second-to-none.

After November, what’ll be next for Dub Pistols?

I head to Asia for 6 weeks doing shows in Dubai, Thailand and India, then we start touring all over again! We are booked up to NYE 2014. The party never stops.

Alive Remixes by Dub Pistols

The forthcoming track ‘Alive ft. Red Star Lion‘ – see playlist below – is shrouded with remixes that delve into the realms of DnB, House, Jungle, and of course, Breaks. With the original tune being of a Reggae-Dancehall it is then open to produces to further delve deeper, faster or more aggressive as the groovy basslines are superb for manipulation. On remixing duties we have Cagedbaby, Tom Finn & G-Bus, So Called Scumbags, Benny Kane & DJ Specs, Hollaphonic Filthy, Bside, Dancefloor Outlaws and they all deliver there own unique sound to the studio table.

I’ve listened to the tracks and they are all superb. For me, I can’t help but to love a bit of funk and filth so the BSide remix is the winner for me from the package. But rest assured, this’ll do well because after all, it is the Dub Pistols.

Alive Remixes ft. Red Star Lion by Dub Pistols is released by Sunday Best Recordings on November 3rd, 2013


iTunes: smarturl.it/AliveRemixesDP

Dub Pistols

Twitter: twitter.com/dubpistols
Facebook: facebook.com/dub.pistols

Alive – Official Music Video and Remix previews

The Party Never Stops   EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dub Pistols


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The Party Never Stops   EXCLUSIVE Interview with Dub Pistols
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