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The ReWorkz – Interview with Kouncilhouse

The ReWorkz   Interview with Kouncilhouse

Far gone now are the days when he was in his own room putting together some tunes and making his own material because since the rise and continuing rise of this prolific remixer, our man has produced works with some of the greatest producers of this current day and age. From those bedroom days to Radio 1 acclaim, cheeky bootlegs to working with Leroy Thornhill better known for his work with The Prodigy, @Kouncilhouse takes some time out to tell me about surreal moments, why genres don’t matter and why Paramedics make him starstruck.

Nice to have a bit of sunshine isn’t?
Sure is. I love it! The old English Winter weather gets a bit boring after 6 months.

Are you one of those people who gets affected by the weather? Miserable when it rains and ecstatic when the Sun’s out, and does this then affect your sets when doing festivals or outside gigs for example?
Yeah I’m sure I suffer from S.A.D. A lot people say they think it shows in my tracks as well and I make much happier music in the Summer, which I believe is quite true in a way. I like the Winter but like everyone else I LOVE the Summer.

I guess your CV/Resume is quite impressive by now being as you’ve produced and remixed work with an exhaustive list of credible artists. Is this a list that has been meticulously compiled or something that has just occurred over time?
I suppose you could say it has just occurred over time really.

Do you see much of the DnB legend Micky Finn because it is believed that you set your label up with him?
I set Finn Breaks up with Micky a few years back but now I just run ADHD Digital and no, I don’t really see much of him these days. I’m busy, he’s busy but we still keep in touch.

Doing a guest mix for Annie Nightingale on Radio 1 in 2010 – see video below – I believe was quite a moving experience for you being as you were a bedroom DJ/Producer aspiring to become one of the greats. Have you now become accustomed to such situations then? Can you believe where you are now?
Yeah it was well surreal! I can’t really explain the feeling to be honest. I think every bedroom DJ dreams about maybe one day playing on Radio 1 or any other national radio station. It was crazy, and yeah I think I’m used to it now. I remember when I went on Kiss 100 for the first time with Jay Cunning. I was absolutely shitting myself. Can I believe were I am now? Erm, to be honest I don’t see myself as being at any point. I’m just doing my thing and enjoying it.

Do you still get starstruck?
Only once when I was drinking Champagne with ‘Bucks Fizz’ at the Epsom races. Hahaha! Nah, it was kinda mad when I first started getting noticed and worked with Micky [Finn] in the studio. I was like, “Shit! It’s happening!” and then a little further down the line I was sitting in the studio with Leroy working on a track thinking, “Fuck man! I’m working with someone who used to be in The Prodigy!”. But to be honest, I just see artists as normal people really. All they do is make music. I get more starstruck talking to a Paramedic. They save life’s every day and that’s pretty special.

With regards to your ‘The Re-Workz’ album, why Free!? There’s some cracking pieces of material on there which can become cash converted. It seems very generous and also quite diverse when looking at the trackist.
Well there all just edits really and it would of just taken forever to get everything cleared. I’m sure more people have heard it and have got it now because it’s free than they would of done if it was released, maybe. Diverse is good, I cant stand the same old shit all the way through an album.

Out of all of the tracks on ‘The Re-Workz’ free album, which one made you impress yourself when you completed it?
All of them. Apart from a couple.

Your musical tastes spread across a large spectrum, are you planning on moving towards a bit of Moombahton or Glitch Hop soon?
Who?! Hahaha! To be honest I don’t follow genres. I think it’s all a load of bollocks. If it’s a good tune, it’s a good tune, and that’s it really. When I sit down in the studio I don’t think, “Right! I’m going to make this style of music”. I just crack on and what ever comes out comes out. I think that’s what keeps people interested because I never make the same style of track twice really.

What’s next for Kouncilhouse?
At the minute I’m just remixing something for the Stanton Warriors and ill.Gates. I have a remix coming out of a track by Jagged Headz called ‘Dust’ on Rub A Duck Records which I’m really happy with. I’m trying to get my own album finished whilst juggling with life.

Kouncilhouse appears to be content with his current standing. Remixes aplenty are abound, the Sunshine is coming out to play and the Summer seems to be arriving rather abruptly. All in all, a very happy Kouncilhouse.

His ‘The Re-Workz’ album is available as a free download from the link below. The collection of tunes comprises of re-works of the aforementioned Fatboy Slim, Lily Allen, Morcheeba, Leftfield and a stunningly beautiful chillout piece with U2 but the Moby tune is a delight. Grab them all and others from his Soundcloud.

Uploaded by Kouncilhouse and downloadable HERE or buy clicking the individual favourites in the player above

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The ReWorkz   Interview with Kouncilhouse


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The ReWorkz   Interview with Kouncilhouse
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