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Transitions Presented by Audioporn Records

There are few albums coming out over the next month or two in the world of dance music and it is really quite an exciting time for it. One of the forefront labels producing globally renowned tracks from the realms of DnB, Dubstep and Electro is British label Audioporn Records. This latest ensemble of speaker destructive chaos brings us an assortment of tempos with the common ground being Bass. ‘Transitions’ is a various artists LP and with it come some of the biggest names on the planet with some seriously delightful fresh releases on board. The entire album is above for previewing.

The brand new tracks that are within the release are: Dilemn – ‘Transitions’, DisasZt – ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’, Mustache Riot & We Bang – ‘Creepy Unkle’, Naked Fish – ‘Black Clouds VIP’ (feat. Delight), James Marvel & Shimon – ‘Ice Block’ and High Maintenance – ‘Take The Pain Away’ whilst the rest of the tunes on the compilation have been unleashed in their own individual packages. It really is a who’s who of low-toned, monstrosity creators.

The album itself is a barrage of beats with no EDM ballads in sight, it is relentless throughout full of booms, groove and of course bass. It seems to me though that the album is full of big tunes and the newly heard tracks are a way of saying, “Here, check out these guys too”, and so people should. For one, Dilemn is a stunning french producer initially from Electro land who has composed some absolutely stunning pieces of work over the last few years. Shimon and High Maintenance too have a solid following in the UK and beyond and is about time they broke into a few parties as their work is something wondrous to listen to.

However, saying that, if you listen to this abrasive dubstep by Naked Fish titled ‘Black Clouds’ which is a VIP version featuring the lyrical majesties of Delight, the tectonic plates beneath your feet vibrate in such a way that it’ll bring out the goosebumps and deliver a shivering sensation down your vertebrae. This for me is the main standout tune from this forthcoming album.

It is a great compilation LP especially from a label rather than a mixture of “reasonable” tunes that have been warranted out under license to some 3rd party. This is APORNLP01. I can’t wait for the second already.

‘Transistions’ presented by Audiporn Records is released on 22nd April 2013

Full tracklisting

01. Dilemn – ‘Transitions’*
02. Dirtyphonics – ‘Vandals’
03. Camo & Krooked – ‘History Of The Future’
04. ShockOne – ‘Polygon’ (Dirtyphonics Remix)
05. Excision & Datsik – ‘8 Bit Superhero’
06. Teknian – ‘Ruff’ (Koven Remix)
07. Sparfunk – ‘Blazin’ Jazz’
08. Sparfunk & Shimon – ‘Snake Charmer’
09. Shimon – ‘Faster Honey’
10. DisasZt – ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’*
11. Mustache Riot – ‘Creepy Unkle’*
12. Tha New Team – ‘Mosh Pit’ (feat. Youthstar)
13. Tha Trickaz – ‘Kill It F*ck It Eat It’ (feat. Non Genetic)
14. Noisia – ‘Machine Gun’
15. Tha New Team – ‘Yup Yup’ (feat. Maya & Aya Panda)
16. Dirtyphonics – ‘Quarks’
17. Dirtyphonics – ‘Bonus Level’
18. Xilent – ‘Clear Your Mind’
19. Fourward – ‘All That Matters’
20. Naked Fish – ‘Black Clouds VIP’ (feat. Delight)*
21. James Marvel & Shimon – ‘Ice Block’*
22. High Maintenance – ‘Take The Pain Away’*
*previously unreleased material


Transitions Presented by Audioporn Records


Transitions Presented by Audioporn Records


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Transitions Presented by Audioporn Records
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