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Ultrafunk EP by Xilent [DnB]

Ultrafunk EP by Xilent [DnB]

One of the best imports we’ve had recently in the DnB scene has got to be Polish born @Xilent.

Xilent has the skills to produce not only banging beats and dirty tech grooves, but the young bass head has even managed to do some very high profile remixes. Fortunately, this latest release is all him. From the ‘Skyward’ EP we now have ‘Ultrafunk’, and, it’s gonna get nasty.

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The one kick of the bass drum is all we need to get our mouth salivating as the tune starts off with further trickles of the electronic kit teasing us way in, but the niceties are then disturbed by some disturbing alien tones punching their way into the track and the groove then starts to beat and the beating becomes disturbing again. This is kick-ass drum & extraterrestrial bass with epic Glitch styles carefully and constructively thrown in to deliver a choppy, tech-step track.

A sinister and eerie intro to this peaceful and humble beginning but once again the pleasantness is abruptly ruined by some seriously funky, synthetic bass tones. The head-nodding, foot-tapping and anything else that is like subconsciously move, will move. The subliminal message built within the track is to groove yourself along with the record. You just can’t help but to move to this DnB bouncer with it’s trance elements and heavy tech. It is a strong number as it can come across as being very bold but yet it still possesses grace.

Having been labelled as the World’s “Hottest Record” by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe this dubbier DnB tune very much has a nice sense of the broken beat. The pace of the tune is steady and firm along with being wonderfully atmospheric at the same time. It’s got the ability to crossover into a few different styles of set. It could gel with Glitch, Breaks, Dubstep, Electro and anything with a serious bassline. A clever track and a monster of a record.

I think I have to go with this as being my favourite because the progressive build-up to the tune is really warm and enticing. The early drop is epic! It carries on and forwards in the same bass driven way it begins and doesn’t let up in the slightest. Euphoric, Glitch laden, techy DnB with a load of echoing effects that would bounce of every wall giving the tune a seriously large appeal.

It is an EP with four belting records and this release will no doubt cement Xilent into the DnB World as an up and coming legend for the future.

‘Ultrafunk’ EP by Xilent is out now on Beatport and everywhere else from May 28th 2012, released by Audioporn Records


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Ultrafunk EP by Xilent [DnB]


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Ultrafunk EP by Xilent [DnB]
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