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Vocal by Pet Shop Boys The Rektchordz Dub Remix

Pet Shop Boys asked Rektchordz to remix their latest single ‘Vocal‘. Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe) are the most successful duo in UK music history. Since signing to Parlophone Records in 1985, they have had 42 Top 30 singles and 22 Top 10 hits in the UK, including four number ones.

I discovered this remix had happened the other day as I’ve been virtual friends with Rektchordz for a while so I’ve been watching his career progress as a producer. Now he’s done a remix for one of the most iconic 80’s acts, so being the curious type, I just had to ask him and EXCLUSIVELY report:

“How the heck did you manage to have this come about?”

Basically, their manager got in contact with me personally and asked if I’d like to remix a forthcoming track on the new Electric album. I felt like the track had great energy and a really positive attitude towards dance music, so jumped at the chance. I really wanted to bring something that hinted at my earliest days with dance music, a time where there were no music politics, no egos or chinstrokers (from my point of view), simplistic happy dance music and friendly faces.

I thought I’d stick with fairly retro Summery sort of ting that comes through with their version. The early Pet Shop Boys stuff is very nostalgic to me, so I thought I’d bring my own childhood memories of 90s house into it along with my current sound. – Rektchordz

The original – below – is standard Pet Shop Boys but with a slight modern tint. Unfortunately that tint is commercial Basshunter style big beat and not the kind that usually participates on this blog. Jamie Rektchordz however has removed very radio-friendly vibe and turned it into a clubland-friendly track. A Pop track now with a mix of Tech, Electro and House. This has given the tune a more infectious feel. It’s on you rather than you letting it go past your ears. It’s quite difficult not to like. But this is the Dub Remix. There is another as well. Amongst others.

Also on remixing duty for the chaps are Armageddon Turk Teargas, Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado, Wawa, JRMX and with The Cucarachas, and our Jamie doing two remixes each. So in all it’s a 9 track release.

Good job they got Rektchordz in to be honest. A sterling little remix and quite the honour too for him. Plus, it is the better one from the 9.

‘Vocal Remixes’ by Pet Shop Boys is out now released by X2

From the Pet Shop Boys album “Electric”
Out now: http://PetShopBoys.co.uk
Digital: http://smarturl.it/psbelectricdigital
CD: http://smarturl.it/psbelectricphysical

Vocal by Pet Shop Boys The Rektchordz Dub Remix


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Vocal by Pet Shop Boys The Rektchordz Dub Remix
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