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Warrior Sound EP by King Yoof [Jungle Breaks Dubstep DnB Reggae] Official Music Video

With it now being the month of May, Summer is surely on it’s way, and there is nothing like the sunset sounds of the dancehall. Combining some sun-kissed Reggae vibes along with the beat of Jungle-Breaks we have the ‘Warrior Sound’ EP from @Kingyoof which strongly features the pleasantly alluring vocals of the lyrical rasta that is @JahMirikle. Variations are accompanied but do they disturb the groove and kill the vibe? In a word, no.

You’d be a fool not to appreciate the core groove that sways and skanks your way through this boombastic release. The vibes and the energy is vibrant. The positivity is immense and the amount of smiles this track is likely to influence is uncountable. Influence is in fact an interesting word to use as well. This is a Dreadzone homage almost and everyone needs a bit of Dreadzone. Absolutely sheer class. Reggae rhythm, sunshine and soul in a Jungle-Breaks style. One of the best parts about this is the fact that the MC doesn’t kill the record as most do. He is more of a vocalist on this and his voice sounds like he was initially conceived for this very tune. This tune will stand the test of time.

The mids are reduced on this version remixed by @DJGoldUK but the bass is still dominantly present. The essential, original flavour is still within the track but with some additional drum ticks and flicks and the bassline booming we now have a dubbier dancehall skank-off happening with the DnB rinse…

..and it gets dubbier still. @HellfireMachina has deconstructed the original and rebuilt it with some Electro tweaks and bleeps. The extra dimension initially would have you think that the fundamental groove has been lost but that isn’t the case as the slight reduction in tempo alters the beat entirely. With the complimentary Dubstep stabs poking out every now and then the tune has some late-night dirtiness, a new pace and the raciness is taken up a notch on the Scoville scale.

Now add further meaty wubs, wahs and wobbles and we have the ‘Shut Up And Dance’ remix. The bounce is still there bustling away accept now we have some big beast dubstep happening. The lions are now roaring and the dirt has become filthier. It’s electric and carries enough bass to batter dancefloor foundations.

It’s such a refreshing release with sunshine and a touch of darkness at the end. With the Reggae vibes, the Jungle beat and the overall level of class along with the encouraging vocals, it feels like Summer has arrived.

‘Warrior Sound EP’ by King Yoof featuring Jah Mirikle is out now on Trackitdown exclusively and everywhere else that matters on May 4th 2012, released by Sub Slayers

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Warrior Sound EP by King Yoof [Jungle Breaks Dubstep DnB Reggae] Official Music Video


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Warrior Sound EP by King Yoof [Jungle Breaks Dubstep DnB Reggae] Official Music Video
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