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We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012 by Ben & Lex ft Jay Tuns [Breaks]

We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012 by Ben & Lex ft Jay Tuns [Breaks]

Breakbeat is a bit of a fickle business nowadays as many artists over time veer off on tangents and slightly alter their sound to accommodate other genre appreciators. There is nothing wrong with that because it creates a wider scope and opens doors, but to stay true to the sound and continue to push it deserves respect and acclaim. Ben & Lex with their forthcoming double AA release “We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012” featuring @JayTuns, deserve the acclaim.

For starters, this is what Breakbeat is all about. When teaching children about music or introducing them to the genre, this is the kind of track that you would now turn to. The kick, kick, boom on the drums. The searing, reverberate bass making your body move to the groove, and then the hip-hop style and reggae vibes flowing throughout in the form of MC @JayTuns. It might be a brand spanking new release but this is an immediate classic. At a vibrant 140bpm this jungle style breaks tune might as well be called “A Summer Jungle Breaks Track” by @Ben_and_Lex. This is the standard.

Now this has a couple of other variations and with the latest twist the updated take has a bassline that can punch through walls and dirty dutch house style high tones that can shatter glassware. As the tune builds, the lyrical content weaves in and out of the bounce and the track then levitates to an epic anthem for the dance tents across the country. It’s a big atmospheric tune with plenty of echo, depth and oomph. Did I already say standard?

This is a perfect example of classic breakbeat by respected veterans of the game and true warriors of the genre. You could say that this is one of those must-have releases. If it doesn’t chart well, then I fear for the future of breaks because I expect that all of the DJs and producers of breakbeat music will be all over this record.

“We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012” by Ben & Lex ft Jay Tuns is the first single release from their forthcoming album ‘Simian Frenzy’ which will be released by Functional Records
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We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012 by Ben & Lex ft Jay Tuns [Breaks]


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We Are Back (Turn It Up!) / Soundgal 2012 by Ben & Lex ft Jay Tuns [Breaks]
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