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At Funkatech we believe in pushing quality electronic music. We have decided to open up the doors to gain some new, fresh, and talented bloggers to join us in to extending our reach and audience so that we are able to support fellow friends, colleagues, producers, DJs, labels and agencies in the same vain that we do so already.

This is an open invite to all of those who wish to regularly make a contribution to promoting releases from the ever-expanding world of electronic dance music. We have some criteria to follow, so if you wish to participate then please continue reading.

Would you like to blog for Funkatech?

Want to blog for Funkatech?

The Rules

  • Pick a release from the genres of Electro, House, Breaks, Dubstep, DnB, Disco, Techno, Glitch, Trap or any fusion of these. It can be a single, an EP or even an album. That choice is yours.
  • If it isn’t signed to a label, we do not want it on the site.
  • Write a review in or about 350-400 words minimum in length. More is fine but it is not a dissertation into the life of the artist. It is just about the release. (This post itself contains just over 600 words).
  • Try not to be too clever, say it how it is.
  • Positivity is welcomed, negativity is not. We want quality content.
  • Make it your own. It should be the thoughts of you and not the thoughts of others.
  • This is not a platform to promote yourself, it is to promote others. Friends and family do not count.
  • It must be recent. There is no point writing about something which came out a fortnight ago. Was it released this week or is it coming out soon? That is what is required.
  • Any links to audio or visual material whether it be from SoundCloud or YouTube. (Vimeo, Muzu.TV and others are accepted but to keep a certain uniformity throughout the site, these are not generally accepted, unless the material is truly deemed to be something special).
  • Links to the artists own social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, are a must. If the material you are writing about has already been released, I will need to know.
  • Release artwork is needed and must be at least 500px x 500px.
  • An artist press shot is required when no artwork is available. But there is always release artwork available!
  • You have seen the blog posts before I am sure, so you have plenty of templates to follow.
  • Use the Contact Form below but if you wish to type out your post on another text document then do so if it is easier. The form below does extend outwards but you may be best to type it out separately and paste it in afterwards.

PLEASE remember these points.

  • Watch your grammar.
  • Watch your spelling.
  • Watch your language.
  • This is not a text message so “txtspk” will not be accepted in any form.
  • Slang is not really permitted everyone across the planet does not understand the terms “blud”, “homey”, or “matey”.
  • English only. (For the time being)

How you will be judged

  • Do take on board the above points or your submission will not be accepted.
  • We have to appreciate your passion.
  • We have to be engaged into your writings.
  • We have to appreciate the quality of music you are submitting.
  • Because we are looking for quality, if we get a lot of it, then we will accept more bloggers.
  • You CAN submit more than one article, but you must say so when you make a submission. Put that at the top of your posting.
  • Don’t be rude, be straight.
  • Don’t try to be cool, just be cool.
  • Don’t fake it, just be real.

“There is a lot more to Funkatech than meets the eye.”

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