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[TECH] DJ Routine on Xone:DB2 & Xone:K2 by James D’ley for Allen & Heath

Watch James D’ley perform an exclusive routine with Allen & Heath’s Xone:DB2 mixer and two Xone:K2 controllers filmed at the infamous Oven Studios (Power Road) London.

On the Xone:DB2 mixer James combines using the high and low pass filters with various Modulators, Damage and Reverb FX plus the Roller (internal looper) to layer and build his sound quickly.

James throws every spectrum of the heavy hitting bass sound at you; switching tempos and genres pushing digital DJing to its fullest. He also shows how flexible the Xone:K2 controllers are for utilising cue points, triggering hot cues and adding further levels of loop control for a firing performance recorded live in one take.

The Xone:DB2 boasts twin chainable FX engines, a massive FX library of more than 50 FX presets, four stereo channels, Xone filters and X:LINK connectivity to the Xone:K2 controller ensuring Xone blurs the boundaries between DJing, production and performance for the next generation.

Filmed at the Oven Studios (Power Road) with thanks to Nari Man.

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[TECH] DJ Routine on Xone:DB2 & Xone:K2 by James Dley for Allen & Heath


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[TECH] DJ Routine on Xone:DB2 & Xone:K2 by James Dley for Allen & Heath
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