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Young DnB Producer Shows Serious Refinement With Rucksack

Rucksack EP by Dossa

Pack it up, pack it in it, let us begin. Rucksacks are usually the sole preserve of smelly garms and muddy camping gear, but Mainframe are about to change the reputation of the traveler’s favourite functional baggage forever with this quadlet of absolutely monstrous D&B slammers.

It comes courtesy of Austrian audio annihilator Dossa. Originally nurtured by contemporary junglist don Benny Page and recently spotted on the well-respected Run Tingz imprint, Dossa is making some big noises right now. And this is, without doubt, his most extensive, electrifying package to date. Full-force, full-flavoured, full-of-attitude, let’s get packing…

Rucksack’ ignites softly with a slight arpeggio that gradually builds and builds before an elephantine riff bombards the mix with no warning whatsoever. We’re talking Pendulum levels of electrification here. As for the bassline? Just press play and see for yourself. This really is top tier gear.

One for dancers and dreamers alike, ‘Can’t Take It Longer’ is an epic road-trip to outer space. Textured with mesmerising mid-range soars that’s countered by a precision executed vocal shot and nagging staccato synth riff, there’s a heavy blend of far-gazing cosmicity running rampant throughout.

Next up, ‘Give It To Me’. A fine-tuned balance of playful dark bass and a warm, yearning soul vocal, Dossa’s conjured up a complex fusion that’s as hench as it is happy. Executed with razor sharp attention to detail on every aspect of the rhythm, this one punches with real mischief.

And so we reach the evangelistic finale. Powered with heavenly synths and a crisp riff that’s so sharp and shiny you could trim your beard with it, ‘So Good’ brings us to a fitting climax. Riddled with unmistakable end-of-night euphoria, the only danger here is turning your entire dancefloor into a big puddle of huggy mush. Absolutely beautiful.

Four sizzling cuts from a man who’s guaranteed to dominate the D&B dance in the very near future. Mainframe are repping hard on this one.

There is a certain finesse to this particular release which surprises me being as this has been created by a young lad. Very impressive and very difficult not to appreciate.” – thetruejoe90

Rucksack EP by Dossa is out now released by Mainframe Recordings

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Young DnB Producer Shows Serious Refinement With Rucksack

Young DnB Producer Shows Serious Refinement With Rucksack

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Young DnB Producer Shows Serious Refinement With Rucksack

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Young DnB Producer Shows Serious Refinement With Rucksack
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